Golu-H2 and BK-H2Energy join hands in bringing Decarbonization Solutions to Transit Industry.

Golu-H2 and BK-H2Energy join hands in bringing Decarbonization Solutions to Transit Industry.

Golu Hydrogen Technologies Inc. (Golu), a provider of a decentralized on-site hydrogen production technology, Gölu-H2 and BK-H2Energy, LLC a consultant in Rail and Bus vehicle technology are collaborating through a MOU to work towards the goal of reducing GHG in the transit world. Both companies will share the technology, data, and tools to develop integrated and innovative solutions for the transition and deployment of zero emission technologies across the transit industry.

Lessons learned from the early adopters and challenges in the scaling up of both battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cell technologies are being addressed by this collaboration. A reliable and economical solution to meet these challenges can be achieved by using existing Ethanol as renewable resource, and as a feedstock to produce on-site hydrogen and power. Golu-H2 technology can produce both electric power and hydrogen fuel for zero emission buses and long-haul vehicles using its modular units. Deployment of Gölu-H2 will help accelerate the transition into net-zero by tapping into the existing supply of Ethanol produced in USA (~18 billion gallons) and Canada (~480 million gallons) while creating green jobs in rural areas and in the transportation and power sector. Ethanol production is poised to grow globally with the deployment of new municipal-waste and biomass -waste- to- ethanol technologies being adopted at record pace due to the environment benefits and the low GHG LCAs of the produced ethanol.
The two companies will collaborate to provide more innovative, smarter, and modular solutions in the following areas:
On-Site Decentralized Hydrogen Production
Produce on-site green hydrogen to support refueling 50 to 200 (FCEB & Hydrogen ICE) buses for a bus depot without the need for transportation of liquid/gaseous hydrogen. Gölu-H2 units have a smaller footprint, standalone, self-sustaining and do not require external energy supply for operation. The units can be easily scaled up for larger bus/ truck fleets. The Gölu-H2 process unlike conventional processes such as SMR and Electrolysis which need a larger footprint and require much more water and electrical power to produce the same amount of hydrogen. The cost to produce hydrogen with the Gölu-H2 process is substantially lower than of the delivered liquid hydrogen or electrolyzer derived hydrogen cost. This will be further reduced by applying carbon credits.
On- Site Power Production

The on-site Gölu-H2 generator can be used as a microgrid by producing on-site green electricity independent of the grid for 50 to 200 buses/trucks in a depot by using stationary fuel cell stacks. The cost of this generated electricity is very competitive to utility power considering the peaks, demand, and usage capacity surcharges. Gölu-H2 power will help reduce the operating and capital costs of the transit operators with the ability to charge the high-capacity vehicle batteries 24/7. This will considerably reduce the planning and deployment schedule for battery-electric buses/trucks. For the existing transitions where utility power is already available, the on-site hydrogen generator can be coupled with stationary fuel cell stack to produce backup power for resiliency. The on-site microgrid can be used as a source of revenue for the transit operators by supplying excess generated power to the main grid generating additional revenue from carbon credits. Also, electrified rail tracks can use green electricity generated by the Gölu-H2 generator.

Reduction of GHG with H2 Co-feed Technology for Diesel & CNG Buses

While the Zero emission fleets are being deployed in phases, the existing CNG, Diesel & Hybrid buses can be installed with hydrogen co-feeding kits to reduce carbon footprint by 25%, reduce particulate emissions by 40%, and enhance fuel efficiency by 15% resulting in the immediate reduction of GHG. This technology can help reduce the GHG on the conventional fossil fueled buses for their remaining useful lifetimes.

Boost Green Economy & Create new Jobs

Create jobs in the production and delivery of Ethanol currently produced and used in gasoline blends in the USA & Canada for an alternative market to produce green hydrogen and electricity. Create additional jobs all over the country in a shorter time with existing resources and accelerate the decarbonization of the transportation sector ahead of 2045 while helping grow the hydrogen economy in other hard to decarbonize sectors.

Gölu-H2 Hydrogen Technology Corporation is a spinoff from SBI Bioenergy Inc., a Canadian technology development entity with a proven track record in developing environment friendly carbon negative energy resource development and commercialization. SBI’s proprietary modular Gölu-H2 renewable / green hydrogen manufacturing technology extracts hydrogen from natural resource water and ethanol to generate green hydrogen with unparalleled efficiency and economy. Gölu-H2 will enable decentralized hydrogen and electricity production overcoming the barriers in distribution, storage, and economics for early adoption of hydrogen economy in transportation and industrial sectors. “BK-H2Energy, LLC with its vast knowledge base in public transportation infrastructure sectors is an obvious and ideal partner in successful deployment of Gölu-H2 in the public and private transportation sector including transit buses, heavy and medium duty trucks, trains, and locomotives.” said Dr. Inder Singh, Founding President & CEO of Golu-H2.
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BK-H2Energy, LLC is a startup Virginia based consulting company serving the transportation industry. Its core service is in providing consulting services for transitioning to zero emission fuel technology for both Bus and Rail industry. BK-H2Energy is focused on the fuel side of the technology with its deeper understanding and knowledge of alternative fuels and vehicle technologies for more than 37 years. “I strongly feel that our synergy with Golu-H2 technology will help the transportation sector in a smoother transition towards meeting zero emission goal while producing hydrogen fuel and electricity at a much lower capital and operating costs”, said Harpal Kapoor, Founder of BK-H2 Energy, LLC.
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